Living with Unemployment

Emotional Stages of a Job Loss
Job seekers experience different emotional stages after losing a job; here is the pattern and steps on how to expedite the process.

What Homelessness Means in NYC
“It’s a very expensive revolving door. We’re talking about throwing families into places that we as taxpayers pay $3,000 to put them in these hell holes and subject them to this torture upfront,” said Mary Brosnahan who heads the Coalition for the Homeless.

Dealing With Unemployment Depression
Long term unemployment is becoming a lifestyle as the economic downturn continues to grind away at local economies. Some things start to change once you’ve been out of work for a while.

When Dad Loses His Job
In difficult economic times, many children are under strain and are concerned about having to leave friends.

Helping Unemployed Friends (Carefully)
Experts say there can be a fine line between aiding and offending an unemployed person.  First, go easy on the pity.

When the Jobless Become the Unemployable
The longer people stay out of work, the more trouble they have finding new work, adding to the challenge for policy makers trying to reduce joblessness.

Workers of the World, Watch Out! (Dealing with jobloss)
By T. M. SHINE | NYTimes
“The problem, I find, is no longer my unemployment. It’s the people with employment —
rushing past me on the sidewalk, ties in the wind — who are killing my spirit.”

Terminated (Desperately Seeking Plan B)
BY T.M. SHINE |  Washington Post Magazine
One morning, T.M. Shine, an award-winning journalist, went to his job at the company where he’d worked for 18 years. At lunchtime, he was laid off, and he then tries to find something to laugh about as he rethinks his future.

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  1. I am an angry 99er and that anger has come out in song. The motivation came after I was called in by the Apple Store for an employment seminar and, after thirty years in Hollywood pioneering Apple hardware and software, I was not called back for an interview to be an “Apple Creative.” The clip can be viewed on YouTube BTW, the clip was created using Apple hardware and software. My hope is that it will help highlight the issue. Please leave comments on YouTube and pass the link along.


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