Food Tips for 99ers

This exchange on the OpenCongress boards for H.R.589 between two fellow 99ers opened my eyes to some of the truly amazing things people are doing to survive after losing their jobs and then their unemployment benefits.

The only meat I have right now is venison. I have had nothing else for the past year. I basically am living on rice and beans. I buy a pack of 100 sheets of seaweed at 10 cents a sheet and have a sheet or two a day in hot water. That’s it. If I hear one more Republican say that we all need to tighten our belts, I may go berserk.

So….you eat venison and seaweed together? Have you tried making a soup like that?
Good thing spring will be here soon so we can forage…

LOL, I am seriously thinking of foraging weeds. I eat the seaweed as my source of vegetables. I could put the venison in it. I never thought of that.

Most of us know how to cook something. But how many of us can truly cook without pulling anything out of a box? We need to learn, if only so we know what to do (and how to do it) if we do not have manufactured foods available.

Abaratarrr’s Feed Yourself for Free Tips

Feed yourself for free by foraging, growing and fishing. Getting out of the house to find and grow free food also helps with depression. It gets you moving around, it gets you vitamin D from the sun and a sense of accomplishment and well-being.

I love free food, We grow potatoes in boxes and 40lb dog food bags. With a little forethought you can eat for free.

Grass and Grass Seeds

All grass seeds (and I am about 90% sure that all weed seeds) are edible. You can make like an oat meal with then and add them to bread or grind them into flower to make tortillas and flat bread. Some are pretty yummy.

Dandelion greens rock, as does the occasional squirrel or rabbit. Cattails have lots of yummy parts.

We have wheat growing on the side of the road up here, it’s kinda weird, I have not seen a farm that grows wheat in the area since I moved up here, but I often grab the wheat berries. There is lots you can do with them.


A fishing license is a blessing.  There are more places to catch fish than you would probably think about. Lots of ponds located in city parks are stocked with fish.

Rabbits and Squirrels

For rabbits and squirrels (all birds are edible) just get a Crosman 760 for $35 at Wal-Mart, it will get you lots of free food. Consistently scatter some of the grass seed or old bread from the grocery store dumpster in your yard and you will have more birds than you could ever eat.

Growing Food

You don’t have to buy stuff to grow food. Some of the store bought suff might make things easier, but it often just creates more work and is a waste of money.  For soil just dig a hole somewhere. If the dirt is really hard, just mix it with some cut up paper to make it looser and hold water better.

Growing Potatoes

Growing potatoes in a box or a bag or a trash can is easy. Just take some eyes from potatoes, bury them under about two inches of dirt. As the leaves grow just keep adding dirt or grass, clippings, dry leaves or shredded newspaper, leaving only an inch or two of the potato shoots unburied.

Once the bag or box is full of dirt and the potato leaves are sticking out the top, just keep it watered.

After the potato makes flowers and then the leaves and flowers begin to die off – about 100 days after planting – dump it out and pig out. Or you can just dig out a few potatoes at a time and let the rest get bigger. It is way easy. Growing food is good for the soul.

Growing Tomatoes

If you don’t have a place to grow a garden, plant stuff in ditches and vacant lots. I have planted tomatoes on the side of drainage ditches.

Next time you have a tomato or get a hamburger with a slice of tomato on it, just put the seeds and some of the tomato juice in a plastic bag. Let it sit two or three weeks untill it gets black and nasty, then take out the seeds. Wash in cool water, let dry, then bury them under an inch or two of dirt. Just let them lay on the ground, they will look like a weed to anyone driving by.

Strawberries are Easy

Just take a strawberry and throw it in a blender with water.  Pour off the pulp and eat that. The seeds will soak to the bottom. Let them dry out, then plant them everywhere. You can grow them in a pot in your house or on the side of the road.

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