Should 99ers Vote 3rd-Party in 2012?

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99ers and 3rd partyI am sick and tired of our two major parties.  I no longer feel an allegiance to either one or the slightest bit compelled to vote for any of our current public servants.

Both Democrats and Republicans have shown themselves to be bought and paid for by corporations and are clearly no longer willing to fight for our best interests.

I want to vote for someone who would actually represent the people, and there are some awesome and qualified third party candidates out there that would do good things for this country.

However, in this day and age, it is nearly impossible for a third party candidate to even come close to beating a Democratic or Republican presidential candidate, let alone both.  And to win the 2012 election it will cost over a billion dollars.

If you haven’t watched it yet, take a look at the video below: The Problems with First Past the Post Voting, Explained.  It’s a very quick overview of our current voting system and shows how you can unwittingly end up voting for the party you did not want.  Strategy, it turns out, is all important.  Pay particular attention at the end to just how sneaky the funding for third party candidates can be.

Historically speaking, voting third party has basically always been the same as NOT voting Democrat – which is effectively the same as giving a vote to the Republicans.

After what the Republicans have done to us – and more recently to the people in Wisconsin (and are planning to do in many other states as well) – I’m really reluctant to throw my vote their way to make some sort of ineffective statement about bipartisan politics.

That doesn’t mean we can’t direct our energies to federal and state elections – which are much more receptive to third-party candidates –  and start supporting those who offer a true alternative on the issues.

At this point though, voting third-party in 2012 does nothing to end the two party system. The only true way to disrupt the two party system is to completely reform campaign finance laws and to allow third parties at the debates.  And I’m not holding my breath for that to happen anytime soon.

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