H.R.589 Still Alive and Gaining Support

Posted on February 17, 2011 by


Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

According to a statement posted on American 99ers Union on 2/17/11 H.R.589 is still very much alive and gaining support:

In the early morning hours, Rep. Barbara Lee did attepmt to attach H.R.589 to the Fiscal Year 2011 Continuing Budget Resolution. This was disallowed (it should be noted that this method is commonly used and has succeeded without objection in past sessions of Congress).

Does this mean that H.R.589 is dead… NO!

This was but one of many methods that were considered and are being used to move H.R.589 along. The bill is still alive in Committee.

H.R.589 is still building support, and it is imperative that you conmtinue to focus your efforts on those House Members that comprise The Rules Committee, The Ways and Means Committee, and Representatives Bohener and Cantor. It goes without saying that you should continue to reach out to your House Representative.

We have again been asked to pass along the message that your appreciation for those already in support of H.R.589 is recognized, but there is no need to call and thank those already on board. It is preferred that you focus your attention and efforts upon those not yet in support of the bill.

Rep. Lee and others in the House are still fighting hard to legislate H.R.589 and so should each of you.