Video: Lee & Scott Press Conference

Posted on February 9, 2011 by


Video from this morning’s press conference of Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-09) and Congressman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (VA-03) introducing legislation for 99ers. Lee urged House Speaker John Boehner to consider the plight of the unemployed and bring this bill to a floor vote as soon as possible. More footage of this press conference can be found on youtube.

Reps. Bobby Scott and Barbara Lee introduced legislation in the 112th Congress to expand unemployment compensation for those Americans who lost their jobs during the historic economic recession and have exhausted their unemployment compensation benefits. The legislation – Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act – will add 14 additional weeks of unemployment compensation to Tier 1, making it available to all unemployed persons regardless of the unemployment conditions in their state.

From Congressman Scott’s website:

Congressman Scott and Congresswoman Lee introduced a similar version of the legislation at the end of the 111thCongress, but it did not reach the House floor for a vote.  Congressman Scott and Congresswoman Lee are re-introducing the legislation in hopes that it will receive the bi-partisan support necessary to help those unemployed Americans most in need.

Here is some important information about the legislation:

  • Provides 14 additional weeks of emergency unemployment compensation to Tier I.
  • Adding these 14 extra weeks to Tier 1 makes them available for all those who are chronically unemployed, and not just those who are currently collecting unemployment benefits from a “high unemployment state.”
  • The additional benefit will be available for all unemployed persons who have exhausted their benefits as well as those who will be unemployed this year.
  • This unemployment compensation expansion is similar to the expansion that was passed and signed into law in November 2009 which provided an additional week of benefits to Tier II.