When FOX Mentions 99ers

Posted on February 8, 2011 by


Last summer FOX News, as well as many of our country’s elected leaders, were quite comfortable being openly hostile towards the long term unemployed.

The common misconception in the U.S. was that if you “get educated and worked hard” you would always succeed.  Therefore anyone still unemployed after 26 weeks had to be “spoiled, drug-taking hobos & animals, who shouldn’t breed.”

As recently as November, the tone towards the very long-term unemployed continued to be disparaging.  In Charles Payne’s article Time to Move Right he made it clear that those still unemployed after 99 weeks were solely to blame for their plight:

Obviously, two years is a mind-boggling amount of time to get unemployment benefits. There is no doubt in my mind the majority of people calling themselves the 99ers could find jobs. Sure, the jobs wouldn’t be what they want or are used to by why should taxpayers be obliged to pay people to sit at home until the perfect job comes around.

However in the last few weeks several articles can be found on FOX News covering issues around long-term unemployment and 99ers that have a much less offensive tone.  In late January they even published the Associated Press article An uncertain future after jobless benefits expire about 99er Bud Meyers.   Has the tide turned at FOX News?

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