Video: Ali Velshi to Obama “Acknowledge the 99ers”

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On Saturday Jan 22, 2011, CNN’s Ali Velshi read a letter to President Obama urging that the 99ers be acknowledged in his State of the Union Address on Tuesday.  Velshi starts talking about 99ers at 1:22:

Please Mr. President, say something in your speech to acknowledge the growing crisis of those millions of americans we call the 99ers. Americans who have been out of a job for more than two years and have exhausted the maximum 79, 89 or 99-week limit on state and federal unemployment benefits. Your end-of-year deal with republicans to extend the bush era tax cuts in exchange for extending unemployment benefits did nothing for those who are the worst off, largely forgotten, and growing.

The entire transcript can be found at mReplay Livedash TV Transcript.

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